Setting Up Smart Integrations

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  • For IFTTT, do you have a trigger "car ignition" or "Car started" or similar?  I have some smart integrations that automatic used to have "if car started" send a text.  Then I had Tasker on my android device process the SMS and "do things".


    I didn't find anything obvious

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  • Hi Larry,

    The best way to do this is to set curfew for 24 hours, so each time a trip starts, curfew will fire: Vehicle drove at unusual time

    This trigger fires when a vehicle drives outside the time range specified. Time range can be configured on drive alerts page in the Bouncie App.

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    • Will Gallahue Interesting way to try it.  But then if I wanted to use curfew a different way, it would break that.   (Not saying I will of course)  I'll poke around and see if that could work.

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    • Ken Polleck
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    I agree that a "Car started" would be a considerably different need than "curfew."  Curfews might be major alerts that someone is driving away with your car in the middle of the night--be it your teen or a thief!

    A simple (always active) "Car started" could be something simple like log it in a Google Sheet--or a notification to a loved one that you are on the way home from work.

    Or, when combined with IFTTT Pro's new filtering, probably a lot more capabilities...where perhaps you could write logic like:  If I've started the car...and it's either not a work day or I have plenty of time to get to work...and fuel level < 50%...and gas prices are near the lowest price of the week...and it's above 40 degrees (I hate pumping gas when it's cold out)...then tell me "It's a good time to get gas!"

    Actually, given that IFTTT Pro has this filtering, you could just set the filtering within IFTTT like this javascript.  (To add this filter--which doesn't send notifications between 9am and 5pm--you have to first set up the IF and the THEN...and then go back and press the + to add the filter in javascript.  Note:  This particular case is as of yet untested.)

    let currentHour = Meta.currentUserTime.hour();

    if (currentHour >= 9 || currentHour < 17) {

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