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So i heard a rumour of a public slack channel to talk API but not sure that happened, for about 2 years I've just been meddling with the API myself not sure where to give feedback, so I'm going to try asking a few questions here. 

1. Why do the start and end webhooks not provide gps coordinates? These webhooks tell me the car was started out stopped but not really anything else.  I've started using IFTTT to handle these trip finished events for me - it's one webhook that includes the start location and end location and some trip event stats along with gps coordinates. That's very useful. I've

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  • I'd love it if the trip finished webhook had that kind of data so i could eliminate the middle man.


    Also the start webhook in either API or IFTTT has nothing useful in it, i try and recall that last stop position and use that for location until the first trip data arrives.


    2. On that note, the IFTTT trip finished includes a decoded address, as does the bouncy app, but fairly recenly it started incorporating plus codes. I can't easily decode these unless i hook up to a 3rd  party geocoding API using the coordinates to get an actual nearby address or they aren't human readable.  I get they are accurate, but I've got gps coordinates. Every time a car parks in a big parking lot, though, rather then get an address of the mall or plaza I've got plus codes. I preferred the former way of giving the closest address so the data is consistently an address and i don't have to figure out if it's a plus code before i start parsing the string.


    I am going to guess this geocoding data is coming from a third party service and you didn't make this change, but if you have control over it, ditch the plus codes, i can't see how they'd be useful in an API mixed in with human readable data. Oh, and add some of this data to the API webhooks

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    why can't you guys just use the webhook as a trigger to call the API and retrieve the rest of the data? 

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