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How do I report accessory data though the system? For example, I would like to report trailer door open/closed status and trailer internal motion sensor trigger. It looks like the most compatible way is to create  custom service code and inject it into the ODB canbus so it is relayed as a service code. Can we discuss a way to accomplish this?


For example, provide a set of reserved canbus codes that can be used to relay data that is pushed via the API webhooks to my server for me to act on. 


I would like to be able to be able to create hardware for trailer integration into our site security plan. Around once a year we have someone break into the trailers at night. 


When the trailers send a signal that the trailer has someone in it, I can check it against the security system state and vehicle location and trigger an alarm. 

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  • Thanks for reaching out!

    Your request is interesting. Very! We will share this with our hardware team. 

    Currently, this functionality is beyond the scope of supported use cases.

    Reach out anytime! 

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    I set up the API last night (only the webhooks) to transfer all data in real-time into my database. That is pretty simple and straightforward.


    As I examine the data, I can see that there is probably a way to hijack the system for status reporting, but it will require some more investigation. It may be possible to use the MIL reporting feature with specific pre-selected codes to send events. But I need to see if this can be trigged from a non-driving state and how quickly it can be sent to the servers. 


    As I evaluate new telematics tracking systems for a fleet, this is one of the two systems that are finalists. I will pick a system within about a week.

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