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  • A completely re-developed Bouncie app is planned for beta-release next month!

    You're gonna love it!

    Stay tuned for updates...

  • When will fuel reporting be more widely supported?  It worked in my vehicle with Automatic Pro and doesn't with Bouncie.  Being able to track fuel consumption, costs, and fill ups was a strong feature of the Automatic. 

    Without the feature, I probably won't stick around another year.

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    • Christopher Luce Yeah I agree, a lot of features are missing. There were so many things on Automatic Lab. I don't feel like to keep paying $8 a month just for how many miles I have driven and where I have been to which I could do with Google's timeline. 

  • Will the feature for clearing engine codes be implemented anytime soon? This seems like such a simple and useful feature why hasn't it been implement yet?

    It was great to know exactly what the engine code was about but I was super disappointed to find out there's no way to clear the code. I like to clear the code to see if the light comes up again so I know its not a false alarm before taking it to my mechanic. 

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    • Nithin Das You’d be disappointed to hear that I have been using Bouncie for more than 6 months, in this timeframe not a single feature has been added. So I stopped expecting them to do anything.  I miss Automatic so much.

    • Unknown Name We've been hard at work completely redoing the app experience and we're targeting early summer for a major release that adds new features and significantly improves performance. Preview and release notes will be posted once we have a finalized candidate. 

    • Nithin Das Bouncie was designed to be read only vs writing to the vehicle's computer. However this is a very common feature request and it's something we have been reviewing as a potential firmware update. 

    • Will Gallahue That's great news, I will be looking forward to it! Thanks!

    • Should we expect to be released ny early summer of 2030?Bruce Hayes Will Gallahue 

  • Just curious - is the iOS app still being actively worked on? The App Store shows the last updated date as 1 year ago and there are quite a few updates/upgrades needed that have been shared on these forums. Just wondering what the future looks like for us users. Thanks!

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