Keeping track of lease vehicle milage

I use another app to track my lease milage but this requires me to manually enter the milage into the app for it to keep a running total and show me the over/under on milage.

I've talked to the app developer before about integration with Automatic and they were not interested so I'm sure they would have the same answer with Bouncie.

I do wonder, since Bouncie already tracks milage how difficult this would be to just add to the app itself. I know it won't be completely accurate since OBD doesnt provide odometer details but it might be good enough?

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  • When adding a vehicle to Bouncie, you'll be able to add the starting mileage from your odometer and after every trip is completed, Bouncie will automatically add that mileage in the app and you can see updated totals on the vehicle details screen. 

    If you need more detail you can also drill down to any trip and view start and end mileage (see screenshot below from a trip I took this morning).

    In terms of pacing, we do not currently support that but I have shared your idea with our engineers and we're going to review. I'll keep you posted on any new developments.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Tracking the milage is a great feature to have so happy to see it. Hopefully pacing can be brought into the platform at some point but even without the feature just having the running milage within Bouncie helps when I forget to grab the odometer reading before getting out of the car.

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